Nadine Muller



There is a reason we represent Nadine, it’s because she is more than just someone who you met on instagram. She becomes the number one supporter of anyone who crosses her path. This includes for every brand she works with, where she takes it truly in her stride to give her all, her best and with high quality content brands always walk away feeling a sense of pride from their partnership investment.

Nadine is not only a positive force, but she’s a free spirit venturer after deciding to pack up the family life as they knew and embrace life on the road since 2021 for her husband and her two children this is their new normal. You can see more of that on her secondary social account @heartledwanderers (co-managed by her enthusiastic husband).

Nadine is the perfect partner for Australian based businesses with over 86% of her audience residing in Australia alone and her most popular demographic being of course like-minded women at a powering 91% of her audience!*

Let’s just wrap this up because we could say a lot more about Nadine Muller that is for sure, like how authentic and genuine her content is or how well she does at following briefs and exceeding content creation guidelines. I must admit, we’re a little proud to be representing her.

Want to book Nadine? Email us direct here: Nadine@26talent.com.au