Mikhailla is the mum-boss behind 26 Talent. She has built a strong community by sharing her story of life and loss after losing her first born son – a story that has cultivated a tight-knit community of mothers who are invested in Mikhailla’s life path and motherhood journey. 

Mikhailla is true to herself, genuine, open, honest and heartfelt. She speaks to the online world just like they are one of her best friends and values the two-way relationship she has with her community.

She understands the dynamics of brand expectations and creating content that nails a brief. Her audience sits at over 85% women with an incredible 74% based in Australia alone. She provides a wonderful opportunity for any brand looking to put their product in front of the eyes of women in all stages of life from pregnancy and beyond.

My Sibling Above
Love From Above

💌 mollie@26talent.com.au