Jessiika Wilson


Jessiika Wilson fits that exact brief for a brand. She is a humble motherhood and lifestyle influencer that carries her full time career as a photographer into the art of content creation on her personal social channels. You can be guaranteed you will not only receive brand interaction but also beautiful content that is styled and captured with time, love and care.

As a mother of three, she has the perfect target audience to capture brands related to this aspect of her life. She also thoroughly enjoys and finds good engagement amongst lifestyle, travel and household products.

Jess has a humorous, transparent and honest attitude when it comes to speaking to her ‘online family’ and finds this has contributed to her consistent growth and viral content purges.

Her audience sits at over 95% women with over 73% based in Australia alone. These are incredible stats from a brand looking to put their product in front of the eyes of women in pregnancy, motherhood and beyond.

Jess currently sits at 60,000 followers as of June, 2020.