Georg Woulfe


She is fierce, fabulous and a go-to woman. Georg Woulfe knows how to “hold her own”. This mother of three and soon to be four is not the kind that stops and gets comfortable. She is always thinking about what is next, and the best part? She takes action. This go-getter once did a whole 12 months offline just to find the new her and she re-emerged as a confident, energetic and balanced mother.

She launched her app GuiDance which encourages individuals world-wide to get up and dance from the comfort of their home, allowing them to learn easy to dance routines that empower them through spiritual connection with their movement. She’s loved for her podcast Woo Is The New and one of the original creators in the space of “Woo”. We love Georg, and know you will love working with her.

As a creator, she genuinely cares and this to her is about opening up her life to show her audience equally products that they will enjoy, after much demand… Georg Woulfe!

We’re excited for you to have the opportunity to work with Georg Woulfe.
To collaborate please email: georg@26talent.com.au