Dr. Kristyn Sommer


It’s Dr. Kristyn Sommer is a dynamic force in the field of developmental psychology with over a decade of academic experience. Her unique expertise has established her as a prominent figure on TikTok, Instagram and Youtube with her platform serving as an educational hub for all things child development and evidence-based parenting practices.

If A passionate communicator, Dr. Sommer extends her impact beyond academia. She tackles viral trends  with nuance and provides insightful perspectives in the hopes of fostering understanding for the intricacies of child development and parenting, rather than condemnation, further bridging the gap between academia and the wider public and ensuring that knowledge is accessible  and impactful. 

 If you’re ready to explore working with Dr. Kristyn Sommer on TikTok, Instagram or other capacities please email: mollie@26talent.com.au