How To Make Money Influencing eBook

Do you want to know how to make money influencing? This is our tell all guide to making money as an influencer. You can be a complete newbie who has decided you are ready to dive deep and make a serious online income with social media, or perhaps you’ve been in the industry years and still feeling like you are lacking in income. In this instant download e-book, we give you over 60 pages worth of valuable content to understand how to influence for an income!


Here’s What You Will Learn:

  1. How to become an online influencer
  2. The secrets to growing an audience (You will hear from some incredible influencers including Steph Pase from @justanothermummblog)
  3. Understanding your insights
  4. Pitching like a boss to land a collab (includes FREE templates!)
  5. How to find the right brand contacts
  6. Building confidence to back yourself on rates and know what to quote
  7. Content creating for audience engagement
  8. The programs we use for tracking collaborations and never missing a deadline
  9. How to follow up and lock in long-term partnerships for consistency!
  10. Talking money and commission with a complete money guide breakdown
  11. Going beyond the one social media platform
  12. Bonus TikTok section and what we think so far!


You will receive over 60 pages worth of content instantly, for you to implement asap!
This time next week you could have your first paid collaboration locked in!
These are the exact strategies we designed to manage our current talent to get you paid!

What are you waiting for? It’s time to make an income with social media, and take it serious!