We’re here to support your growing career


26 Talent Agency was born amongst the purpose to guide others to be their greater version of themself through the influence that has been acquired. We want to support you in building a sustainable career because we know you’re here for a reason and now it’s time to do the real work and build that bigger.

Our Mission

26 Talent Agency’s mission is to help support creators online careers, building memorable personal brands with a high level of nurturing support. We help transform a talents fast-paced online world to organised, profitable and sustainable businesses.

We have a vision to prove that talent managers are a powerful resource in supporting creators through growth and to building profitable, sustainable talent careers for the long haul.

Our core values


We love service, and so we’ll be always focusing on the intention decisions and actions that benefit all parties because collaboration and accountability mix we know we will all be happiest.


Relationship is our highest priority because it feels good to know your empowered and supported. We’re big on learning the who’s and the why’s because relationships are worth the time.


Kindness takes actual energy and demand. We won’t sugar coat that but we prioritise it because one kind word can make anyone’s day and if that changes the path of your day, then it was worth it.


Accountability will scale us professionally and personally because this goes hand in hand with trust and we’re human, we are family.

Meet Mikhailla

Mikhailla is the founder of 26 Talent Agency, building the agency from humble beginnings with two small children and a purpose to make the process between talent and brands fair, seamless and professional she kicked into talent manager mode to build talent sustainable careers from the beginning with talent Steph Pase and Jessiika Wilson which has now expanded to over 25+ talent today. 

Her knowledge has expanded talent into launching their own online brands successfully branching beyond the online influence scope to create additional income streams. This lead the growth behind sister agency, Twenty6 Marketing supporting online brands. 

Mikhailla remains committed to expanding 26 Talent Agency with aligned talent, who can see our greater good and want to be a part of an impact-driven family.


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